The Adopted Child Cost Caste System: The Shocking Truths Behind U.S. Adoption’s Economic Racial Hierarchy

Interesting post from D.E. Cantor about the the U.S. Adoption’s Economic Racial Hierarchy.

You might also be interested in his book:

The Adopted Child Cost Caste System (Chosen Children: Adoption Issues in America)

D.E. Cantor

The issue is virtually unknown to those other than adoptive parents and those who are close to them. Conversely, it touches on a myriad of other issues involving adopting children and the minefield of racial politics of this culture.

In the United States, there are different costs for adopting children of different races, with white children costing the most to adopt. Explanations vary as to both why this situation exists and what it means for adoptive parents and children. While age and gender are more common factors than ethnicity or race for parents interested in adopting children, with infants and girls being the most popular preferences, some parents state that they would rather adopt white children.

Their reasons vary. Most parents interested in adopting children are white, and the appeal to some is to have children that look more “like them.” To others, there is the understandable desire to avoid…

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  1. Greg Ferrer says:

    Interesting. However, I don’t think I would necessarily call it shocking.

  2. Greg Ferrer says:

    Keep up the good work Casper. I like your posts. ;o)

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